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Aspinwall Riverfront Park

285 Riverfront Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15215

The Aspinwall Riverfront Park was born out of a community led purchase of a private marina to create a public park.
It all started when the Allegheny River Community of Aspinwall bought a private marina to create a public park. The goal was to create a community park connected to the river and the existing riverfront trail systems, and to protect and expand the unique ecosystem on site. Eisler proudly supported this vision and worked with the community and designers to build a unique park for the people of Aspinwall. The continous unearthing of our industrious past during the construction possed a challange for the installation crew.  


A T   A   G L A N C E

  • 120 Trees, 500 Shrubs, 23,000 Perennials and Ferns
  •  One sled riding hill for winter fun