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Native plants go with the flow. Whether it is wet and grey, or hot and dry, native plants are adapted to our region and look great through the worst of the summer weather. We have installed native plantings in urban and suburban settings as well as college campuses with great success. With the right plants, and proper installation, native plantings can work in areas traditionally thought to be out of bounds for our native species. Grasses and blooming perennials are excellent for rain water control and infiltration-at a great cost savings to municipalities. Native shrubs and trees easily replace non-native species, and many require less maintenance during times of stress. The characteristics that make native plants adaptable to the heat and heavy rains of our region, make them highly adaptable to urban areas. Mixing in select traditional species and maintenance routines provide “cues to care” and help visitors flip the script on natives as unruly or untended and recognize natives as the maintained and intentional landscapes they are.